What is Developing Talkers?

Developing Talkers is a curriculum supplement that was created by researchers at the Children’s Learning Institute to support young children’s language and literacy skills.

How much time does it take?

Developing Talkers only takes about 30 minutes of the school day. The Tier 1, whole-group portion takes about 20 minutes, while the Tier 2 small-group instruction takes 10-12 minutes. Each unit is designed to last two weeks, teaching Developing Talkers 3-4 days a week.

Who can use Developing Talkers?

Developing Talkers was designed for use with students aged 3.5-7.0 years.

How can I purchase Developing Talkers?

CLI no longer sells Developing Talkers kits. The research behind this groundbreaking oral language program now forms the foundation of the new PreK On My Way curriculum produced by Scholastic.

How has Developing Talkers been tested?

This oral language supplement used in over 3,000 Texas pre-k classrooms.

Are there supports for English Language Learners in Developing Talkers?

Developing Talkers incorporates multiple evidence-based practices that support English
learners’ language development. Some ELL supports in Developing Talkers are:

  1. Identification of cognates
  2. Use of translations for words commonly known in Spanish
  3. Visual supports, such as the images on the vocabulary cards.
  4. Opportunities for physical responses
  5. Scripted suggested downward scaffolds

Is there a Spanish version of Developing Talkers?

Yes, the Spanish counterpart of Developing Talker is called Hablemos Juntos. It has the same format and lesson components. Hablemos Juntos kits can be purchased through  the CLI Solutions group: https://clisolutionsgroup.org/contact/